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Introduction to book:

Mermaids have no natural predators, save the pollution created by we-who-walk. They are wilily, and know about our nets and hooks. They seldom intervene in our world or our dilemmas. There have been recorded sightings and rescues, but these are rare. There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Some feel that mermaids not only don’t care about our predicaments at sea, but even lure the unwary into danger and death. Like any multidimensional transverse, sometimes there is simply a lack of understanding.

Then, of course there are those who doubt that mermaids even exist. Perhaps that’s just as well. If their existence was common knowledge (or knowledge for the common) the fools and scoundrels would be out in droves. Better that fools and scoundrels are disbelievers. Magic is a delicate thing. It can’t be broken, but it can be damaged and thereby recede from our perception for long periods of time, and life without myth and magic leaves us course and hard and dull.

Sprites and
No matter if you are only figments
as are our dreams to which we give such credence.

I invite you.
I beg you.
Wander the labyrinth within this mortal me.
Make me amazed, even fearful if you must.
For my quest is the journey to your mysteries.
But in truth I do not need to know them.

I am a traveler, not a scientist.
I am an artist not seeking the sun for heat, but for its prisms.
It is the risk of mysteries pursued yet undiscovered
inexorably drawing the wide-eyed mortal
to seek what’s never to be known.

For what is sacred belongs in the inner sanctum,
challices covered in brocade and cloistered behind doors of gold...
… for we feed on bread and magic

By Annette Matrisciano, “Inanna” (Mermaid Raptures)


Tending the Precious
Tending the Precious
The Garden
The Garden



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